Posted: 11/07/2017

Lick The Spoon co-founder joins BBC Two sweet show

The Sweet Makers BBC2
(L-R) chocolatier Diana Short, sweet consultant Andy Baxendale, chocolatier Paul A Young and wedding cake designer Cynthia Stroud

Lick The Spoon co-founder Diana Short is one of several confectioners being sent back in time to 16th century by the BBC.

Short will explore the sugar craft of Tudor kitchens on forthcoming BBC Two show The Sweet Makers, together with fellow chocolatier Paul A Young, sweet consultant Andy Baxendale and wedding cake designer Cynthia Stroud.

As well as marzipan and candied root, The Sweet Makers will also cover the negative side of the introduction of sugar to the Tudor lifestyle, including tooth decay and fueling the slave trade.

Watch a preview of BBC2’s The Sweet Makers here

The confectioners will guided by food historian Dr Annie Gray and social historian Emma Dabiri.

The first episode of three-part The Sweet Makers will be broadcast on BBC Two on Wednesday 19th July at 8pm.

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