Posted: 11/10/2018

Ludlow Food Centre to rebrand as Ludlow Farmshop

Ludlow Food CentreLudlow Food Centre is rebranding itself as ‘Ludlow Farmshop’ and making changes to its shop floor in a bid to better communicate the brand’s philosophy to customers.

The rebrand and new shop layout will be unveiled on Thursday 18thOctober.

The branding will include a new logo, simpler packaging and clearer messaging that better explains the Food Centre’s products and values.

“One of the challenges we have here at Ludlow Food Centre is communicating with our customers about how we procure and create our products using produce reared or grown on our farms, which extends to some 8,000 acres surrounding the farm shop,” said managing director Jon Edwards.

“What I hope the new brand will give us is the opportunity to dramatically improve this.”

He added: “We want to be able to communicate in a clear, consistent and uniform way all of the things we do that makes us unique, whether that is collecting the milk that makes our cheese fresh from our dairy each day or producing our jams and chutneys in small batches to aid quality.”

Ludlow Food CentreThe Food Centre is also making changes to its shop floor layout, altering how it showcases its products so customers can gain the best experience possible while shopping in store.

“As we produce the majority of what we sell, we can guarantee quality throughout the whole journey from farm to shop,” said general manager Paul Hill. “We think it is important that our customers can see this open production as well as touch, taste and smell the produce on offer.”

“As such we will be looking to reinstate those windows into the production areas that have been hidden by displays.”

Hill added: “We have also taken on board feedback about accessibility around the shop and considered how best to avoid wait times during busy periods, all of which we have built in to the changes we have made to the shop floor layout.”

The onsite café, Ludlow Kitchen, and The Clive Restaurant with Rooms will also undergo a rebrand with The Clive becoming The Clive Arms.

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