Posted: 07/09/2017

Asian flavours inspire Manfood’s new condiments

AsianSpecialising in pickles, preserves and condiments, Manfood has announced that it is launching four new products at this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair all incorporating traditional Asian flavours.

Based in Cambridgeshire, the company was created by Andre Dang, a former buyer for Harrods and Selfridges.

Consisting of three sauces and one pickle, the range was inspired by the food trucks of Los Angeles, where traditional Asian flavours and ingredients are given a new twist, combining different cuisines together.

Its four flavours include: Wasabi mayonnaise, Filipino Adobo wing sauce, Vietnamese pickled onions, and Korean Taco sauce.

The collection will be presented in distinctive designs influenced by Japanese Manga comics and Anime, with the labels created in 3D printing, which Manfood says gives the jars added texture as well as shelf appeal.

The company says the prices are yet to be confirmed, but it is though that the RRP will match the current ranges’ pricing of £4.95. 


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