Posted: 19/03/2019

Manfood revamps labelling for consistency across entire range

Manfood has refreshed its branding across its range of chutneys, pickles and preserves in a bid to provide retailers with a fresher, more cohesive appearance.

The entire Manfood range – which includes bread & butter pickles, smoked tomato sauce and chip shop curry sauce – has been revamped to include brighter colours and a cleaner look for stronger shelf appeal. 

“Manfood has been going for six years now and the range has grown organically,” founder Andre Dang told FFD. 

“We started with the original look. Then, as we developed more collections over time the designs changed. By the time we came to our full complete range it had a disjointed look.”

Andre added that the lettering is now clearer on the new labelling after he received feedback from retailers saying the original branding was difficult to read. The labels have also been given added texture to suggest premium, luxury quality. 

Following the rebrand, some flavours have been swapped out to create a tighter range, said Dang, a former buyer for Harrods and Selfridges.

Manfood’s cocktail jams and beer jellies have been removed, but a pear, ginger & fig chutney and a new range of vegan preserves have been added.

“Because we’re so small it’s a challenge to have everything in stock all the time. This way we’re removing our weakest sellers.”

Influenced by the developing market for “dirty vegan” products, the four-strong range consists of egg-free mayonnaise, a burger sauce, fake bacon jam and a buffalo sauce. 

The range comes in smaller 165g and 190g jars from the 300g jars for its other products, with a trade price of £2.80 and RRP of £3.95.

As well as focusing on Manfood, Dang has also been developing a new brand aimed solely at the multiples called Janda (named after its two founders’ Jon and Andre). The new brand will offer a range of sweet and savoury jarred products. 

“We have a loyal following and reputation with Manfood,” said Andre. “Unfortunately, jarred products are quite a crowded sector. So, apart from export, we need listings in supermarkets to achieve the sufficient volumes to grow our business.

“I’ve taken the decision to develop Janda as a separate brand so that we can hopefully offer products to two very different customer bases, without one cannibalising the other.”

This story appeared in the March issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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