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Great Taste 2018 Watermarked Logo for press

The Great Taste 2018 Judges’ Briefing

Great Taste debate 2018

Charlie Turnbull, Great Taste Judge and Regula Ysewijn Great Taste Judge and Belgium Bake-off judge

A posse of Great Taste Judges 2018

Regula Ysewijn, Dhruv Baker, Lucy Carr-Ellison, Lucas Hollweg, Ann Dunne

The Final Vote – Great Taste 2018

Great Taste Judge 2018 Giulia Mulè

The Great Taste Judges 2018 – The Final Panel

Charles Campion, Izy Hossack, Miranda Gore-Browne, Charlie Turnbull, Adrian Boswell, Zoe Adjonyoh, Felicity Cloake, Elly Curshen, Tom Herbert, Will Torrent, Kenny Tutt, Dhruv Baker, Martha Collison, Lucas Hollweg, Nigel Barden

Great Taste Judge 2018 – Izy Hossack Top with Cinnamon

Great Taste Judge 2018 Lucy Carr-Ellison, Tart London

A posse of Great Taste Judges’ from 2018 Final Day

Charlie Turnbull, Kenny Tutt, Bex Williams, Sam Rosen Nash and Patrick McGuigan

The 2018 Great Taste Judging Room

Kenny Tutt, MasterChef Champion & Great Taste Judge 2018

Great Taste Judge 2018 Jemima Jones, Tart London

Great Taste Judge Tom Hunt, Eco Chef – The Natural Chef

Zoe Adjonyoh – Great Taste Judge 2018

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