Posted: 11/09/2018

New premises to assist Mevalco expansion

MevalcoImporter and wholesaler of Spanish fine food Mevalco has moved to larger premises in Avonmouth, Bristol, in a bid to accommodate the company’s growth in the last two years and build on its national development strategy.

The new premises is 7500 sq ft in size (nearly three times the size of the previous facilities) and features a customer showroom and development kitchens where client chefs and managers will be able to taste and work with many of Mevalco’s products.

Joint managing director Justin Slawson said the move is an opportunity to increase Mevalco’s range, staffing resources and showcase products in a more professional way to their customers.

“The investment into our new site is very much part of our phased fast track growth strategy which has been driven by the increased demand for super premium world products that we offer,” said Slawson.

“On a practical level, it will provide us with a much larger area for storage and we are also looking forward to working alongside our chefs in our new, state of the art development kitchen.”

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