Posted: 21/05/2019

Mixed-size boxes of eggs prove a hit on the shelves

A campaign to increase acceptance of mixed-size eggs has captured retailers’ imaginations in a bid to minimise wastage.

The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) launched a campaign last autumn calling on British consumers to “end their obsession” with large eggs and shop for mixed weight and medium instead.

Now retailers large and small from online grocery business Ocado to Minskip Farm Shop near York, offer their customers boxes of mixed-size eggs.

Minskip co-owner Emma Mosey said it was a myth that laying large eggs was painful for hens, but the claim had gone viral and was prompting shoppers to demand mixed-sized eggs.

Minskip initially trialled selling mixed-sized eggs only but has now switched to offering both boxes of large eggs as well as mixed-sized ones because its customers want the choice.

Mosey said: “The consumer has been consistently buying 70% large eggs whereas the hens lay about 55% large eggs and 45% medium throughout their life. If people are buying more large then there’s a shortage of large and an excess of medium eggs.”

She pointed out the yolk was the same size in every egg and it was just the size of the albumen that varied.

A spokesman for BFREPA said the campaign had “really caught on” and was hopeful it would shape buying habits going forward.

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