Posted: 11/10/2016

Moju launches 60ml cold pressed Ginger Booster

Moju ginger booster
Moju’s 60ml cold pressed Ginger Booster

East London drinks brand Moju has launched a 60ml cold pressed ginger shot made using high pressure processing (HPP).

Water-based pressure is used to treat the fruit juice to deactivate certain bacteria, retain nutrients and deliver a long shelf life to the company’s Ginger Booster.

The product (RRP £1.95) recently won Gold in the Innovation Challenge at lunch! 2016.

Moju’s co-founder Rich Goldsmith said the booster shot was actually one of the first products he wanted to take to market.

The company suggests adding the shot to sparkling water, topping up other juices and mixing with hot water for a warming drink. The shot, made from ginger apple and lemon, can also be drunk on it’s own.

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