Posted: 09/03/2017

New app lets shoppers trace food to source

Follow this food QR labelA new traceability app that lets consumers check the provenance of everything from fresh meat to multi-ingredient pies and ready-meals is targeting the speciality sector.

Follow This Food has been developed by Bristol-based Agrantec to work with its NotaZone data management platform, which can be used by producers to store and manage production and ingredients data.

The app extracts key information from NotaZone about the provenance of each product and presents it in a user-friendly way. It allows customers to trace products back through the supply chain to the source producer and even animal.

Consumers access the data on their mobile device by scanning a QR (Quick Response) code on the product label, or by following a web link. They can also find information about how and where the product is made, by whom, and what makes it special.

Agrantec says it will help quality producers and shops justify premium prices, as well as providing reassurance to consumers.

The system’s aims are similar to that of the Happerley passport scheme previously reported in FFD.

Agrantec MD Martin Coates said Follow This Food has about a thousand registered users, including Plenty Pies and Ludlow Nuts.

Blackmore Vale Butchery, a family-run, premium butcher in Dorset, focusing on meat from animals raised in the South West, uses NotaZone and Follow This Food to show how its meat has been handled. Each pack of meat can be tracked back to the farm and even to the animal from which it came.

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