Posted: 18/10/2017

New Bowland Food Hall boosted by further attractions at Clitheroe

BowlandA new 7,000 sq ft food hall, at the heart of the £10m redevelopment of Holmes Mill in Clitheroe, is hoping additional facilities on the site will boost footfall.

Developer St James’ Places is poised to open a hotel and bistro, and pool, spa and gym at the upmarket destination where the Bowland Food Hall opened this summer.

Holmes Mill, whose focal attraction is its year-old brewery, is looking at the opportunity to offer “foodie tours”, possibly based around some of the producers it works with that are already open to visitors.

Heidi Kettle, St James’ Places group marketing manager, said: “We are hoping that through putting information in bedroom-browsers [in the new hotel] we will get people out experiencing the food not only in the food hall but at the producers’ properties as well.”

The “experiential” food hall has a grab-and-go section, a juice bar, a Citroen van full of fruit & veg, fresh counters for fish, meat, pies, cheese and deli along with beers and spirits.

A counter in the middle of the shop sells Holmes Made breads and patisserie, and handmade chocolates. It also serves Bowland Boards with wine, beer or coffee.

Kettle describes the premises as “small, perfectly formed and home to lots of great [Lancashire] farmers, growers, producers and makers”.

It also sells “the best of beyond” – gourmet goods from around the world that include pastas and pulses, marinades and tapenades, cheeses and chutneys.

Three-quarters of products sold, excluding alcohol, are British.

Kettle said it had taken a few weeks for people to work out where the food hall fitted into their shopping habits.

“For some we’re just a treat for a special occasion, for others, the go-to destination. Then there are those that see us as a destination to meet, chat and enjoy sitting at the counter with something to eat and drink.”

The business has made a few initial tweaks. After the first weekend, for example it rebuilt the juice bar because “the proportions were just not quite right”, and it added tables and then took them away again.

Suppliers include Tenuta Marmorelle, Twisted Chilli, Real Lancs Black Pudding Co, Tricky Dicky, Dunsop Fisheries, Porkus and Gazegill Organics.

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