Posted: 14/08/2017

New branding affirms Olive Branch’s oil credentials

OliveoilbranchOlive Branch has unveiled new branding for its flagship single varietal extra virgin olive oil in a bid to strengthen the message about the provenance of its Cretan oil.

The new labels across the three sizes – 250ml, 500ml and1litre – feature a map of Crete showing the location of Olive Branch’s own Koroneiki olive groves in the South Eastern Lasithi province on the Greek island, along with a personal message from the company founder Maria Koinaki.

“It’s been six years since we launched Olive Branch and during this time we’ve learned a lot about what appeals to consumers about our extra virgin olive oil,” said Koinaki. “We’ve added this information to our new label to further reinforce the strength of the product and provenance. We are confident these changes will help strengthen sales and consolidate our position as one of the top olive oils in speciality retail.”

Regulation to crack down on incorrectly labelled blended olives oils has strengthened in recent years, and Defra now has its own dedicated compliance officer in place to check oil labelling. This new labelling from Olive Branch is fully approved.

The 250ml, 500ml, and 1l bottles all come in cases of 6 units. Trade prices are £3.50, £5.15 and £8.20 per unit, respectively.

This story was taken from the August edition of Fine Food Digest. Read more here

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