Posted: 12/09/2016

New cheese and wine shop opens in Penarth

Fauvette in Penarth sells mostly natural, unfiltered wines alongside 80 different cheeses

Fauvette, a cheese and wine shop that helps customers avoid hangovers, has opened in Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The business, owned by Philippa Friedman and Jean-Marc Delys, sell 80 different cheeses, nearly two-thirds of which are sourced from Wales and the UK.

Friedman said the 452 sq ft shop sold mostly “natural, unfiltered” wines sourced from Les Cave de Pyrene. They had “very few sulphites and chemicals so you shouldn’t get a hangover”, she said.

Fauvette also sells refillable wine bottles, and serves wine and cheese boards for consumption in store, as well as a range of artisan bread from baker Alex Gooch.

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