Posted: 30/10/2018

New partnership hopes to link Greek food scene with UK speciality buyers

John Farrand, managing director at the Guild of Fine Food, was one of the speakers at the NBG event 

The Guild of Fine Food has struck up a partnership with the National Bank of Greece which hopes to link Greek food producers with speciality food buyers in the UK.

The new partnership was announced at the NBG’s ‘growth in agri-food’ event, which took place on the 15th October in the Old Athens Stock Exchange.

Many national and international key buyers and trade organisations attended the event, including the Guild of Fine Food’s Directors John and Tortie Farrand and Selfridges buyer Adrian Boswell.

The NBG has already collaborated with the Guild by sponsoring Best Greek Cheese award at the 31stWorld Cheese Awards in Bergen, Norway.

A further partnership will aim to network Greek products with international buyers, secure points of sale in UK markets, enable Greek products to participate in food fairs, and exchange advisory services to enhance production processes and product distribution.

The event hoped to strike up more opportunities and partnerships between Greek food producers and buyers from Greece, the UK and the US, while highlighting other opportunities that exist for Greek agri-food products.

It was hosted by the general manager at NBG Nelly Tzakou-Lambropoulou, with the deputy minister for Rural Development and Food Vassilis Kokkalis, and the deputy head of the European Commission Representation in Greece, George Moschovis.

Amongst discussions held by various distinguished speakers, Tzakou-Lambropoulou highlighted the contribution made to Greek SMEs by the NBG in 2017-2018 to create an ecosystem in the field of agri-food.

As well as developing partnerships and networking, these included creating a favourable environment for innovative businesses and developing the right skills and training in the food & drink sector with the aim of rejuvenating business potential and opening the door to a new generation of farmers.

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