Posted: 19/07/2019

New seasoning blend is worth its (low in) salt for retailers

A producer of low-salt seasonings has developed a new variety to add to its portfolio. 

The Flavour Files, which launched in May last year, has developed Seasoning 2 to join its initial product Seasoning 1.

Seasoning 2 is a blend of dried porcini mushrooms, sumac, arrowroot, garlic powder & black pepper and comes in 150g (RRP £9) and 50g packs. The Woking-based producer says the 50g packs sell better for retailers, with a wholesale price of £50 for a case of 20 x 50g packs which are available directly from the company. 

Both seasonings are suitable for those pursuing a low sodium diet, with Seasoning 2 containing 0.012g of salt per 10g serving. 

But lower sodium has meant that the producer has had to play around with other taste categories to offer the satisfaction of salt without the consumer feeling they are missing out.

“The idea is if you can up the savoury notes then you can trick your brain into thinking it’s not missing anything,” said co-founder Rachel Clinton,who first started producing the seasonings after a friend’s family member developed high cholesterol. 

“Using dried porcini mushrooms means that you are getting deep savoury notes and citrusy flavours from the sumac so you’re creating that Umami savoury flavour,” she added. 

Seasoning 1 uses the Turkish spice Urfa Biber which is still fairly uncommon in the UK and is said to add a “deep warmth” to its smoky, sweet flavour profile.

“We all have too much salt in our diet, so it’s about retraining our taste buds to get accustomed to less salt,” said Clinton.

This story appeared in the July issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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