Posted: 06/04/2018

New UK biscotti brand aims to highlight the biscuits’ versatility

biscottiA newly launched artisan biscotti brand is aiming to get UK consumers to do more with the traditional hard Italian biscuit.

Starlings Artisan Food, which has debuted with a range of eight flavoured biscotti, wants to highlight the versatility around the biscuit and give consumers more ideas on how to use it.

“Biscotti isn’t just a biscuit to have with your coffee,” said founder Rebecca Starling. “Our sweet biscotti could be steeped in alcohol for a tiramisu or blended and used as a cheesecake base.”

The sweet biscotti (RRP £2.99) flavours include almond & pistachio, triple chocolate, cherry & coconut, and toffee & apple, while the savoury (RRP £3.79) consists of chilli, garlic & herb, chorizo, bell pepper & tomato, sundried tomato and olive, and beetroot & fennel.

“The savoury biscotti are the perfect finger food base,” said Starling, “but also in soups or salads as croutons, with dips or on a cheese or charcuterie board.”

While promoting recipes with its products, Starlings Artisan Food will also be selling a range of accompaniments via its website that can be paired with the biscotti.

The accompaniments include a range of chutneys from The Chunky Chutney Co in Poole and truffle oil, tapenade and mustard from New Forest Wild & Exotic Mushroom Co.

Starling said traditional Italian biscotti still had to be tailored to the British market. She has added a small amount of butter to her recipe to make them crispier, crunchier and lighter.

“In the UK, the traditionally hard Italian biscuit is not seen very favourably, the concept doesn’t really work,” she said. “In the last few years, we started off as a hard and more traditional biscuit and, apart from those who were well-travelled, the general feedback was not that good.

“Biscotti are a bit better known now but going back two or three years ago people would return them and say: ‘What’s wrong with your biscuits, they’re so hard?’.”

The biscotti is available in 100g retail boxes, 1kg catering packs and 38g twin packs pitched at impulse purchases.

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