Posted: 05/02/2019

Nim’s takes bite out of tea market with new edible range

Already known for its fruit and vegetable crisps, Nim’s has branched out into hot drinks with the launch of the UK’s first edible tea range.

The tea infusions are Nim'sair-dried pieces of fruit and veg packaged into single-serve home-compostable sachets – or three teaspoons per serving for a small teapot with infuser – allowing the drinker to enjoy their tea and then eat the rehydrated produce used to make it. The range comes in three varieties: pineapple & kiwi; pineapple, beetroot & parsnip; and beetroot & parsnip.

Currently the products are only available to retailers directly via Nim’s website, although the producer has said it is looking for other routes to market too. The wholesale price is £3.50 per pack (12 x 12g sachet in a pack), with a case price of £28 (eight units).

Founder and CEO Nimisha Raja said the teas were developed as a way of using up small pieces of by-product from its crisp-making operation. “We’ve been playing around with ideas of what we could do with the broken and small crisp pieces,” she said.

It wasn’t until the company created its Infusions range (air-dried slices of fruit such as lemon, lime or orange which can be infused in hot or cold drinks) that it came up with Edible Teas.

Having launched the initial range, Raja added that other flavours were currently in the pipeline.

“We already have another five or six varieties trialled,” she said. “Some are rather adventurous, so it will be interesting to see what feedback we get from wider trials prior to launch.”

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