Posted: 24/03/2016

Northumberland launches ‘crumbly, tangy’ wax-coated cheese

Northumberlandia Cheese
Northumberlandia has a texture similar to Cheshire or Wensleydale

The Northumberland Cheese Co has launched its first new cheese in six years.

The black wax-coated Northumberlandia, made from milk from cows on the Blagdon Estate near Newcastle, is aged for 3-4 months, and is described as tangy and crumbly with a texture akin to Cheshire and Wensleydale.

“To diversify our offering, we wanted to experiment with maturation within a wax coat,” said production manager Martin Atkinson, “and the result is a firm and creamy cheese, but with a slightly drier texture than some of our other farmhouse cheeses.

“Northumberlandia has a high level of acidity, which lends itself to a crumbly texture, and a complex finish.”

The new variety, which took over a year to develop, is targeted at the wholesale and independent retail market, and is available from this month.

The Northumberland Cheese Co’s products are distributed by Carron Lodge, Harvey & Brockless, Michael Lee and Cryer & Stott among others. The newcomer is named after a giant land sculpture of the ‘Northumberland Lady’ that forms part of a 46-acre community park on the Blagdon Estate, created on land adjacent to the controversial Shotton open-cast coal mine.

A donation from sales of the cheese will be given to the Land Trust to help with upkeep of the park.

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