Posted: 19/07/2017

New Birds & Herds adopts old practices

Birds & HerdsThe Traditional Free Range Egg Company has launched a new egg product called Birds & Herds.

Its name is inspired by the “centuries-old” cyclical practice called mob grazing, where hens are sent over pasture originally occupied by herds of cattle and sheep.

Not only fertilising the land and stimulating new shoots, the hens get a varied diet of vegetation and insects to produce free-range eggs in different shades.

The company says adopting this process helps further its commitment towards a sustainable future in food and farming.

“Incorporating traditional hens into the mob grazing practices that many forward-thinking cattle and sheep farmers are now embracing is a really exciting step in free-range egg production, and something we are extremely proud to be pioneering,” said managing director, Dan Wood.

The eggs are available in half dozen packs with an RRP £2.25.

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