Posted: 16/11/2017

OMGTea launches UK’s first ready-to-drink iced matcha

OMGTeaOrganic matcha tea company, OMGTea has created the UK’s first ready-to-drink iced matcha for health-conscious consumers on the go.

After discovering that health drinks lose their potency and nutritional perks when pre-mixed with water, founder Katherine Swift decided to source a drinks package that would ensure drinkers could enjoy the maximum health benefits of matcha.

Instead the new product uses twist-cap technology to keep the matcha powder “fresh and potent”, by storing it separately from the water in an airtight cavity.

When the consumer is ready to drink the iced matcha, they activate the twist-cap and release the matcha, shaking the formula together to create the drink which the company says is full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Available in three varieties – original, citrus and mint – the product has an RRP £2.95, 250ml.

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