Posted: 05/08/2020

Online and freezers help overcome 30-tonne Cornish Blue backlog

Cornish Blue
The Cornish Cheese Co was holding £300,000-worth of Cornish Blue when COVID-19 forced the UK into lockdown

The Cornish Cheese Company has been forced to freeze its award-winning blue cheese and sell it at below cost price to clear a 30-tonne back-log caused by the Coronavirus crisis.

The company was holding around £300,000 worth of Cornish Blue when the lockdown was implemented and orders collapsed. 

While direct online sales helped clear some of the cheese, the company still had around 10 tonnes left in June prompting it to dramatically cut prices and freeze cheese before it went out of date. 

Cornish Blue, which was named Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards in 2010, normally retails for £24 per kilo, but the company cut its price online to £16 per kilo and was then forced to sell mature cheese at £6 per kilo (5kg bags for £30). 

It also teamed up with waste food app Too Good To Go, which has 2.8 million users in the UK, offering subscribers a ‘magic bag’ containing 1kg of cheese for £8, which could be collected from the farm near Liskeard.

“Without the internet we would have been up the creek without a paddle because there was no other outlet for our cheese for six to eight weeks,” said owner Phil Stansfield. “We were in despair and thought we’d never get rid of all it, but we’re down to the last couple of tonnes now. If you work at it, there are always ways and means.”

The decision to cut prices so dramatically was not taken lightly, he added. “There is a danger that the public get used to low prices, but I think they were sympathetic to our situation and understood it was an exceptional time.” 

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