Posted: 29/04/2016

Parma Ham sales exceed £27m in UK as pre-sliced packs prosper

Parma Ham slicingThe UK is still the top export market for pre-sliced Parma Ham while turnover across all formats in the country exceeded £27m in 2015, according to the latest sales data for the Italian delicacy.

The Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, which governs production of the ham, said the UK market accounts for 12.4% of total exports just behind the USA, Germany and France.

The majority of UK sales (84.7%) – £27.8m in total – are made up of pre-sliced packs of the Protected Designation of Origin ham, with some 18m sold in 2015.

Of the 8,462,000 hams produced some 2,724,813 were exported across the globe with an increase of 100,000 on the previous year.

The United States is the leading foreign market with 582,000 hams (up 3% on last year), followed by Germany and France.

Parma Ham also saw double digit growth growth in exports to Japan, Canada and Australia as well as a 75% increase in China, which bought more than 100,000 hams for the first time.

The consortium said that 79m pre-sliced packs were exported globally in 2015, up 6.3% from the previous year.

“Our export is very positive,” said Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma president Vittorio Capanna. “Beyond the annual figure, it is the medium-long term analysis that highlights the particularly brilliant results achieved: over the last 10 years exports have risen by 50% and now represent 32% of yearly production.”

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