Posted: 23/08/2019

Peter’s Yard eyes vegan snack market with new flatbread range

Established brand Peter’s Yard is looking to gain a foothold in the snacking category with its new range of vegan-friendly sourdough flatbreads that are designed to be eaten with dips. 

The flatbreads come in three varieties – sea salt (115g), smoked chilli (115g) and seeded sourdough (135g) – and have a trade price of £1.60 per unit (£9.59 per case of six) with an RRP of £2.45.

The brand, well-known for its popular Original Sourdough Crispbreads, conducted research to establish whether there was a market for a product to accompany dips.

It found that 40% of UK shoppers purchase and enjoy dips at least once a week, with younger, more affluent shoppers consuming dips several times a week.

“We have for a long time thought dipping was an opportunity to cater to,” said new product development manager Abigail Bond speaking to FFD. “We have a range of crispbread bites specifically for dipping but felt they were not optimised effectively.”

Peter’s Yard is also hoping the new flatbreads will cater to the rise in veganism and consumers adopting a more plant-based diet and sees dips tying in with this new trend. 

“People following a vegan diet are getting their protein from chickpeas, which is why hummus is so popular,” she said. 

“Our co-owner Wendy [Wilson-Bett] was sure that people had hummus in their fridge and that dipping was huge, but we had no evidence to prove it, which is why we did the research.”

The flatbreads are still made with the brand’s own sourdough starter (which is fermented for 16 hours) but with an adapted version of the brand’s Swedish crispbread recipe, which traditionally contains milk and honey.

“This is our first vegan range, so we’ve adapted the original recipe slightly for this,” said Bond. “The sweetness in these flatbreads comes from muscovado sugar instead of honey and we use rapeseed oil.”

The new range joins the brand’s popular biscuits for cheese and lunch ranges. It will be available to order from Hider, Cotswold Fayre and The Cress Co as of this month.

This story appeared in the August issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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