Posted: 27/12/2016

Pip Organic unveil new flavoured water range, Fruit Quenchers

Pip Organic Fruit Quencher
Pip Organic’s Fruit Quenchers are made with just spring water and natural fruit

Health conscious drinks brand Pip Organic has released a new range of flavoured waters under the name Fruit Quenchers.

Currently available in two flavours; pomegranate & raspberry, and passionfruit & mango, the drinks are 100% organic and contain no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings, or concentrates.

Patrick O’Flaherty director of Pip Organic said: “We noticed that the majority of fruity waters on the market contain minimal fruit and are pumped with added sugar, sweeteners, concentrates and plenty of other artificial ingredients and wanted to offer consumers a great tasting and genuinely healthy product.”

Pip Organic’s Fruit Quenchers come in 330ml bottles and have an RRP of £1.79

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