Posted: 12/01/2018

Pipers Crisps launch new jalapeño & dill flavour

Pipers CrispsPipers Crisps has launched a new jalapeno & dill crisp flavour in 40g packs and 150g sharing bags.

Described as strong and “grown-up”, the new crisp is inspired by the current trend for global and fusion flavours among 18-34 year olds.

“We now have a younger generation that is exposed to more cultures so are more interested in new and different things and want more fusion flavours,” said marketing manager, Katy Hamblin.

The unconventional combination of jalapeno and dill was developed to cater to consumers’ appetite for heat while not compromising on taste.

“We looked at what different chefs were doing and have seen a lot online about the popularity of dill pickles,” said Hamblin. “So, we wanted the product to have strong heat from the jalapeno which is balanced with the dill.”

The flavour joins Pipers full range, including Anglesey Sea Salt, Burrow Hill cider vinegar & sea salt, Biggleswade sweet chilli, and Atlas Mountains wild thyme & rosemary.

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