Posted: 21/02/2018

Planet Organic launches specialist vegan-only online shop

Planet OrganicIn response to increasing market demand, organic and speciality food store Planet Organic has launched a ‘Vegan Shop’; an area of its online store dedicated to selling a range of 3,700 vegan-only products.

The new online category will list vegan-only groceries, beauty products and health supplements which can be browsed over 45 intuitive sub-categories including vegan snacks, chocolate, skincare and makeup, in a bid to make it easier for customers to shop its vegan ranges.

Planet Organic decided to invest in the new ‘Vegan Shop’ since seeing sales of vegan food across its London stores and website grow this year, with the company estimating that 70 per cent of its customers follow a defined diet.

“For over 20 years, Planet Organic has specialised in offering an innovative and wide range of organic and free-from products, and in doing so we have long filled a gap not served by supermarkets,” said CEO Peter Marsh.

A recent survey by Kantar Worldpanel revealed that one in four UK dinners are vegetarian or vegan with a third of the UK population identifying as ‘flexitarian’, with the latest Google Trends data shows that UK search volumes for ‘vegan diet’, ‘vegan chocolate’ and ‘vegan cheese’ are up 100 per cent so far, this year when compared with the same period in 2017.

“We now have over 3,700 vegan products for our customers to choose from,” added Marsh, “and the next logical step was to make it even easier for people to shop our entire vegan range and our new vegan shop can serve as a simple, ‘one-stop shop’ for vegans.”

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