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Dripping heck… Great Taste Supreme Champion 2015

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From 10,000 entries into Great Taste 2015, judges have awarded the top honour of Great Taste Supreme Champion 2015 to Beef Dripping from James Whelan Butchers of Clonmel in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Up against the most exquisite food and drink made by award-winning producers, the Beef Dripping was heralded as champion at the Great Taste Golden Forks Dinner, held on Monday 7 September at The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, in front of a gathering of more than 300 guests from the world of fine food.

“Great Taste recognises flavour above all else and James Whelan’s Beef Dripping is a perfect example of this, astonishing our panel of judges with its pure beefiness and savoury depth. The dripping is a simple, quite humble product made exceptionally well by a master of butchery. It succeeded through day-after-day of blind-tasting, winning favour at every stage of Great Taste and wowing expert judges who really know their stuff. As one of our judges said, just a spoonful would add sheer magnificence however it was used,” commented John Farrand, managing director of the Guild of Fine Food, organisers of Great Taste.

Made from the suet of grass-fed Angus and Hereford beef, rendered down and clarified into a pure, richly flavoured dripping, this traditional product evoked a wave of nostalgia among the judges, who included Bruce Langlands, director of foods at Harrods, which sponsors the Great Taste Supreme Champion award, as well as many other buyers from the most prestigious food stores in the UK.

James Golding, chef director of The Pig hotel group, was “taken back to my childhood”, while another judge declared the dripping to be “a distilled moment of the perfect beef roast.” MasterChef judge and restaurant critic, Charles Campion, even described the product as an “old friend”, explaining how “it touched the hearts of all the judges. I’ve never seen such an outrageous reaction to a simple product.”

Understated packaging, containing a simply delicious product made from what was once considered a ‘waste material’, James Whelan’s Beef Dripping epitomises the values of Great Taste. Just a spoonful of this once forgotten favourite can form part of a balanced diet and impart a rich savoury note into all manner of dishes, from roast potatoes and shortcrust pastry to the effortless indulgence of dripping on toast with a pinch of salt.

The Great Taste Supreme Champion 2015 is now available to buy from Harrods, RRP £6.95, www.jameswhelanbutchers.com, James Whelan Butchers in Clonmel and James Whelan shops at Avoca in Monkstown, Rathcoole and Bray.

The Supreme Champion, as well as a full range of Great Taste 2015 Top 50 Foods, is also available from Hubbub (www.hubbub.co.uk), a ground-breaking new London-based service bringing the best from local butchers, bakers, greengrocers and other specialist shops to homes in one simple delivery.

Contact: James Whelan Butchers, Pat Whelan, 00353 872433100, www.jameswhelanbutchers.com

What is Great Taste? Great Taste, now in its 21st year, is quite simply all about taste. It is not about packaging or smart design. Judges are simply presented with food or drink to taste and they provide valuable feedback to thousands of producers each year. For a producer to win a Great Taste 1-star award is a great achievement, to win 2-stars means that many judges have been bowled over by the product, and to win a 3-star Great Taste award is comparable to a chef winning a Michelin star. It simply is seen in the world of fine food as a hallmark of taste, quality and excellence. Great Taste, founded in 1994 and organised by The Guild of Fine Food, has judged over 100,000 products in the last 21 years; each one has been blind-tasted by a team of judges who are dedicated to finding the most exquisite tasting food and drink. This year’s judges included MasterChef judge and restaurant critic Charles Campion, TV presenter and cook, Aggie MacKenzie, Great British Bake Off winner 2013, Frances Quinn, MasterChef the Professionals finalist, Adam Handling, food buyers from Harrods, Selfridges, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer, and chefs including James Golding, Chef Director of The Pig hotel group. Great Taste 2015 facts • 10,000 different products entered (Great Taste entry is capped at 10,000) • Over 400 professional judges • 49 days of judging in Dorset as well as St David’s Hotel, Cardiff • 3,109 products awarded 1-,2-, 3-star awards • 130 products presented with the top 3-Star Great Taste 2015 • List of Top 50 Foods • EIGHT Golden Fork Awards for best regional food and drink • ONE Supreme Champion What do Great Taste judges look for? They look for great texture and appearance. They judge the quality of ingredients and how well the maker has put the food or drink together. But above all, they look for truly great taste. Working in small teams, experts taste up to 30 foods in each sitting, discussing each product as a coordinating food writer transcribes their comments directly onto the Great Taste website which producers access after judging is completed. Over the years, numerous food businesses, start-ups and well established producers have been advised how to modify their foods and have subsequently gone on to achieve star status. Any food that a judging team believes is worthy of a star is judged by at least two further teams. Only when there is a consensus will a star be awarded. For 3-stars, every single judge attending the session, which can be as many as 40 experts must unanimously agree the food delivers that indescribable ‘wow’ factor. ★★★ EXQUISITE. WOW! TASTE THAT ★★ OUTSTANDING ★ SIMPLY DELICIOUS For further information please contact any of the following: Amy Brice at Freshly Ground PR on 07717 893123 or at amy@freshlygroundpr.co.uk. Tortie Farrand at the Guild of Fine Food on 01747 825200 or at tortie.farrand@gff.co.uk. www.gff.co.uk www.greattasteawards.co.uk

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