Posted: 19/10/2020

Product focus: chocolate & confectionery

Whether you’re looking to bolster your shop’s confectionery selection,
offer customers a taste of the sea or present some new ideas to home cooks, this month’s round-up covers a lot of bases. There’s also a few ideas for topping up your festive stock. This week we take a look at chocolate & confectionery

Edinburgh’s COCO Chocolatier has collaborated with contemporary artist Andy Welland to design the artwork for its new Fruit & Nut Collection. Salted Caramel Fudge, Dark Chocolate Giant Raisins, Cocoa Dusted Almonds and Caramel Hazelnuts complete the line-up. Trade price £3.95; RRP £7.95.

Filipino chocolate label Auro likens its Reserve Collection to wine – because the bars are crafted from single-estate beans from a single year of harvest only, each year, the chocolate’s flavour profile is different. Created using only cacao mass, cacao butter and organic muscovado sugar, the collection includes 70% Tupi, 70% Paquibato, 70% Saloy and 85% Mana dark chocolate. Trade price £4.95-£5.17 for a 60g bar. Auro is currently on the lookout for a UK distributor.

A master chocolatier in Barcelona since 1840, Simon Coll has developed a new trio of flavoured chocolate bars in illustrated card sleeves, which Delicioso will be introducing into the UK market. The 80g Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate & Caramelised Orange, and Cappuccino Milk Chocolate bars wholesale at £1.99 in display boxes of 10, with an RRP of around £4.45.

Billed as a “bar of the future”, Solkiki’s new So Woke bar might look like chocolate but it contains no cacao beans, dairy or dairy equivalent – so isn’t legally classified as such. Solkiki has combined coffee, cacao butter and cane sugar to create a plant-milk-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free bar that packs a powerful coffee fix.

Best known for its ‘chocolate & a toy’ boxes for children, Play In Choc has launched a ‘chocolate without a toy’ range called JustChoc. 10g mini bars made from Peruvian dark 70% or Peruvian vegan m*lk chocolate are individually wrapped in compostable film, and presented in boxes of three, five or ten pieces, with respective RRPs of £1.95, £2.95 and £5.95.

Swedish chocolate producer Standout Chocolate has revamped the packaging of its single-origin bars, reinforcing its organic and transparent sourcing credentials as well as its philosophy of using as few ingredients as possible. Haiti Cap-Haïtien, India Idukki and Madagascar Sambirano are three of the bars in the collection. RRP £6.95 for 50g.

Cocoba’s new Best of British collection is a celebration of homegrown desserts, with each bar featuring a topping inspired by desserts such as Sticky Toffee Pudding, Eton Mess, Lemon Meringue and Apple Crumble. Trade price is £1.90; RRP £3.95.

Organico Realfoods is importing the whole-nut, vegan, organic chocolate bar range from Italian chocolatier Vanini into the UK market. Flavours include Gianduja with Whole Hazelnuts, Dark with Salted Pistachios and Dark with Caramelised Hazelnuts. RRP £3.49 for 100g.

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