Posted: 21/06/2021

Product focus: Deli counter

As picnicking season ramps up, it’s time to refresh your deli counter. We kick off this product round-up with a look at deli counter essentials, from charcuterie to cheese.

Zeet is on a mission to drive awareness of Tunisia as an olive producer, through its ever-increasing collection of olive-based products. Its latest introduction is organic Caspe olives that have been cracked for easy use. Harvested while still unripe and left to macerate in aromatic herbs, the Caspe olive has a soft bitter taste. RRP £3.65 for 370g.

Strathearn Cheese Co has relaunched Lady Mary in a smaller, round format. Downsizing the cheese from 200g to 150g has also enabled the Scottish cheesemaker to lower the RRP to £4.50 and the wholesale price to £3.50. Lady Mary is a soft, creamy lactic-style cheese topped with locally foraged wild garlic and oilseed rape truffle oil.

Helen Browning Organic is exploring new formats for its flagship Good Beef, and has launched a corned beef made from the sustainably reared meat.
Said to offer a “delicious twist on a classic product”, Helen Browning’s corned beef is worlds apart from the tinned variety. It is produced from beef which has a lower carbon footprint than traditionally reared beef because it is from grass-fed, dairy-bred cows.
This beef is then cured, slowly cooked in its own broth and hand pressed into terrines. RRP is £5.25 for a 150g vac pack. 
Also new from the Wiltshire producer is an organic cooking chorizo produced from free-range, organic British pork sourced from several farms in the southwest of England, including its own organic pork from Eastbrook Farm. It is a matured, semi-dry chorizo, with the gentle heat of chilli and paprika. RRP is £5.99 for 250g.

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Paxton & Whitfield is bringing new and unusual cheeses from across Europe to UK cheese counters. With consumer buying habits changing, the cheesemonger says it is important to have a range that offers a point of difference, including cheeses that people have not tried before.
These two cheeses from Belgium, not readily available in the UK market, are matured by master affineurs. Herve (RRP £9/200g) is a washed-rind, raw-milk traditional cheese that will appeal to anyone who loves an Epoisses; and Old Groendal (RRP £49/kg) is a gouda-stye cheese with bold flavours and a crystalline texture that has a huge following in the USA.

Cheesemakers Penny Nagle and Marcus Fergusson of Feltham’s Farm have taken inspiration from their travels in Spain and Latin America to develop a Somerset version of a queso fresco. La Fresca Margarita is a fresh, organic cheese characterised by a lemony taste that is as good with figs and honey as it is folded into a taco. Wholesale price £4 per unit.

The current boom in home pizza making has prompted Somerset Charcuterie to develop a pepperoni. Made from free-range rare-breed pork (75%), supplemented with grass-fed beef (25%), the pepperoni is available in 60g sliced retail packs as well as whole for deli counters.

Greek charcutier Kassakis is seeking to reinstate a traditional Cretan product with the launch of its smoked pancetta. Made using fresh pork, salt and local spices, the pancetta is available sliced and cubed in a variety of sizes, from 200g up to 1kg.

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