Posted: 06/12/2020

Product focus: low-alcohol alternatives

Most retailers buying with the early months of 2021 in mind will be looking for healthy options to give their customers after some festive indulgence. Whether it’s plant-based, free-from or something organic your shoppers are looking for, this month’s selection should provide some ideas. This week we take a look at low- or no-alcohol beverages.

Crafted on an iStill – one of the latest stills on the market – Amplify’s distilled, non-alcoholic spirit promises to deliver “exciting new flavour experiences”. Scents of sweet orange mix with tastes of lemon and bittersweet orange, whilst notes of ginseng, juniper and lemongrass provide a slight bitter edge. RRP is £15 for 50cl.

Bristol-born Mockingbird Spirit claims to be the UK’s first alcohol-free, tequila-inspired agave spirit – ideal for mock margaritas. Made with Mexican Blue Weber Agave and the addition of the immunity-boosting adaptogen herb ashwagandha, the 0% ABV distilled spirit comes in 5cl and 50cl bottles, with respective trade prices of £2.39 and £13.79. RRPs £3.99 and £22.99.

With its new 6 O’clock Gin Light & Low, Bristol-based Bramley & Gage is bringing a low-calorie, low-alcohol addition to the booming ‘Gin in a Tin’ space. Containing under 0.5% ABV, the light in calorie and low in alcohol expression of the producer’s London dry distillate has an RRP of £2.65 per 250ml can. Wholesale price £18.60 per 12 unit case.

Spotting a gap in the market for a low-alcohol IPA, Manchester brewery First Chop has launched Yes. Billed as an “anytime IPA”, this 0.5% ABV ale packs an “overwhelming hoppy burst on the nose” and has the added bonus of being gluten-free. Trade price is £24 for 24 x 330ml cans.

Humble Warrior has gone back to the drawing board and relaunched its Sri Lankan-inspired plant-based drinks brand with three new recipes in beer-style glass bottles for the adult soft drinks market. The no-added-sugar tonics are powered by Asian roots, fruit, leaves and spices such as tulsi leaf, mango, green tea, kola nut, turmeric and reishi.

Wilfred’s has launched its alcohol-free take on the classic bitter Italian cocktail base. A blend of bitter orange, rosemary and rhubarb, Wilfred’s Non-Alcoholic Aperitif can be paired with tonic for a 0% spritz. RRP £18 for 500ml.

Warner’s has created a non-alcoholic alternative to its own farm-grown gins. 90% of the ingredients in 0% Botanic Garden Spirits are sourced from Warner’s Northamptonshire farm – from berries, herbs and botanicals, to water drawn from its own spring. The two 0% ABV variants – Pink Berry and Juniper Double Dry – launched in September after three years of development. Juniper Double Dry pairs spicy cinnamon and cardamom with lemon verbena and lemon thyme, while Pink Berry combines raspberries and blackcurrant sage with a kick from chilli, ginger and Szechuan pepper. RRP £18 for 50cl.

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