Posted: 23/01/2021

Product focus: Pickles & chutneys

With the new-year-new-you brigade starting to wane and Veganuary nearly over, your customers are sure to be looking for some accompaniments for their cheese and deli items, or something to jazz up their sandwiches, this month’s selection should provide some ideas. This week we take a look at pickles & chutneys.

Northumbrian Pantry has created a piccalilli based on Hannah Glasse’s Paco Lilli, one of the first ever recorded piccalilli recipes dating back to the 19th century. The vegetables are blanched and not over-cooked, resulting in a sharp and crunchy Indian relish that is a little more mustardy than most piccalillis. RRP £3.95 for a 190ml jar; wholesale price £2.75.

Cottage Delight has extended its BBQ and cooking supplements offering with the development of Sticky Balsamic Onions. Sliced onions are slow cooked in a rich and dark sticky balsamic glaze sauce sweetened with demerara sugar to produce an accompaniment that can be enjoyed on hot dogs and burgers or added to stew. RRP £3.99 for 240g; trade price £2.67.

Retailers looking for brands with provenance and a colourful back story should check out Cheshire-based Fruits of the Forage. Its latest launches include Pickled Hessel Pears, Heritage Pear Chutney made with Cadillac cooking pears from ancient trees in Cheshire; and Carrot Curry Chutney, which uses carrots that have been rejected by the supermarkets. RRPs £7 for pickles; £3.95 for chutneys.

Reminiscing during lockdown about family holidays has inspired the development of several new chutneys from Driver’s Pickles. Spicy Calypso Chutney promises to bring Caribbean sunshine to cooked meats and fish, whilst Bread & Butter Pickles and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney are a reminder that summer is just round the corner. RRP £3.50.

The Preservation Society has launched its Apple & Quince Membrillo, previously only available in catering pails, in jar format (RRP £3.95). The Chepstow producer says the Spanish-style fruit paste is packed with swap-cropped apples and quince from neighbours’ gardens.

Red Onion & Redcurrant Relish, Piquant Pear Chutney and Pickled Red Cabbage with Sloe Gin are the latest creations to come out of Ajar Of’s Dorset kitchen. All three accompaniments have an RRP of £3.25; wholesale price £1.85.

GingerBeard’s Preserves has revamped its Original Lime Pickle, tweaking the recipe to create a more balanced aromatic flavour and mild chilli kick. The sweet, mellow pickle can be paired with  curries, samosas and poppadoms or mixed into salads and couscous. The Bristol producer also makes a Sweet ’n’ Hot version of this pickle. RRP £4.60; wholesale price £2.75.

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