Posted: 08/11/2020

Product focus: seafood

Whether you’re looking to bolster your shop’s confectionery selection,
offer customers a taste of the sea or present some new ideas to home cooks, this month’s round-up covers a lot of bases. There’s also a few ideas for topping up your festive stock. This week we take a look at seafood.

A recyclable outer sleeve combined with a compostable board and bag make Sea Smoked 

the UK’s first plastic-free packaged smoked salmon, claims the (Best Aquaculture Practices) BAP-certified producer. The traditional Scottish oak-smoked salmon launched with Booths in October, following on the heels of the company’s Sea Chips sustainable salmon skin crisps. RRP £4.85; trade price £2.81 for a 100g pack.

Ireland’s Shines Seafood is on the lookout for a UK distributor for its range, which takes in Wild Irish Albacore tuna, Yellowfin tuna and Wild Irish Ventresca in 185g jars and 111g tins. Described as “mild in flavour without the aggressive fishiness of cheaper tinned tuna”, the products are listed in 900 stores in Ireland but just three outlets in the UK.

Staal Smokehouse is pitching its new beetroot-cured smoked salmon as a vibrant alternative to traditional cold-smoked varieties. Salmon is dry-cured with beetroot, smoked over a blend of oak and applewood and then hand-sliced. It comes in 100g packs (RRP £5.75; trade price £3.74); 200g packs (RRP £10.50; trade price £6.83) and as 900g unsliced and sliced sides.

Plymouth-based Meridian Sea will be offering specialist Christmas products from Amand in Normandy to the UK trade. Dome of Trout with Isigny Cream, scallops in their shells St Antoine-style and Avocado & Crab Terrine are just three of the chef-prepared chilled dishes available in the collection, which can be supplied as mixed orders (minimum 10kg).

Ireland’s Achill Oysters is partnering with Marr Fish to distribute its oysters around London and throughout the UK. Cultivated in the Atlantic waters around Achill Island using the sustainable rack-and-bag technique, these oysters take three-and-a-half years to reach market size. They are supplied to the retail chilled in wooden boxes of 12 oysters (RRP £12).

Salmon, haddock & asparagus fishcakes and gluten-free coated whitebait are Paramount’s latest seafood lines for foodservice. The fishcakes are filled with a creamy tarragon sauce and coated in gluten-free breadcrumbs, and the whitebait are headed, gutted and rolled in a gluten-free coating.

The BigFish Traditionally Cured line-up is sporting a new pack design that reinforces its Great Taste credentials. Both products in the range – oak smoked salmon and oak smoked trout – were awarded 2-stars this year. RRP £4.49-4.95 for 100g.

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