Posted: 15/08/2014

Production to start at UK mainland’s most northerly distillery

Martin and Claire Murray Dunnet Bay DistilleryWork has now finished at the most northerly gin distillery on mainland Britain as the still has now been installed at Dunnet Bay Distillers in Caithness.

The distillery’s founders Martin and Claire Murray have already put the key piece of equipment – called Elizabeth – through its paces and produced the first batches of their Rock Rose gin.

Full production of Rock Rose – a name inspired by the couple’s first botanical foraging mission on the Caithness cliffs – will be underway by the time the micro distillery launches on August 21.

Martin Murray, who is currently completing a pHd in brewing and distillation at Heriot Watt University, said that the distillery would produce 700 bottles in every batch and 10,000 bottles annually.

Over the next three years, the company will receive support of £83,990 from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Claire Murray said: “Each year we will create a new vintage. Our Caithness botanicals are dependent on our climate resulting in a truly hand crafted gin that will change year on year, but is still undeniably Rock Rose.

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