Posted: 22/03/2022

Rollagranola expands production capacity and extends range

Popular independent granola producer Rollagranola has expanded its production capacity in response to growth, allowing the brand to offer better value to consumers while retaining its artisan production methods. 

The Hertfordshire-based brand has more than doubled its square footage – from 2,500sq ft to around 5,500sq ft – by expanding into neighbouring units, restructuring its production space and outsourcing warehouse storage and logistics.

This move has allowed Rollagranola to increase the size of the packs in its oat granola range from 300g to 400g with no increase in the price.

Alongside this, the brand’s zero-waste programme has been growing rapidly. Retailers are increasingly seeking packaging-free options, and this saw the producer’s zero-waste service grow 115% from 2020 to 2021, with it now accounting for 10% of Rollagranola’s business.

The rapid growth in production may be seen as a sign that the brand is destined for supermarket shelves, though the brand’s founders Robin and Sean Longden said it is committed to independents. 

“Independent retail is a core sector for us and we love working with the retailers who helped us on day one,” said Robin Longden. “We really do see them as an important part of the business.”

Sustainable growth is key for the founders, and while they could not rule out being found on the shelves of the multiples in future, they remain committed to the independent sector. 

“We’d always aim to look after our loyal independent customers and maintain those great relationships that form the foundations of Rollagranola.”

The brand has also recently launched two new lines: Keto Warrior (300g) and Almond & Pecan Crunch (400g), RRPs £4.99.

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