Posted: 27/01/2017

New test will protect consumers against fake Manuka honey

Manuka honey
A five year research project has revealed unique compounds found only in Manuka honey

Following five years of scientific research the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) can now conduct tests to identify genuine unadulterated Manuka honey, a step that will help protect consumers against imposters.

The Manuka ID project was undertaken in response to reports of honeys on the market wrongfully labelled as Manuka. The research showed specific compounds only found within Manuka honey that can be used to determine its authenticity such as leptosperin, dihydroxyacetone and Methylglyoxal.

Manuka honey can now only carry the UMF quality mark once it has been tested for these compounds. John Rawcliffe, a spokesperson for UMFHA commented on the Manuka ID Project: “Our philosophy has been to ‘follow the science’, and work with international expertise to continuously enhance the integrity of the UMF quality mark.”

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