Posted: 01/01/2020

Sea salt producer rolls out new labelling

Dorset Sea Salt Co. has rolled out new branding across its natural and flavoured sea salts after receiving the top prize last year from start-up accelerator The Seed Fund. 

The young Portland-based brand unveiled the new labels last month. They were designed with the help of branding consultancy and The Seed Fund founders, The Collaborators. 

“We gave the brand an MOT,” said the business’s founder Jethro Tennant speaking to FFD about the rebrand. “We were looking at what we could do better and how to enhance the labels and the brand story.” 

Tennant said the new labels now nod to Chesil Beach, where the sea salt is harvested, and have bands of colour to easily identify the eight various flavours in the range which include celery, apple oak smoked, and tomato, olive & basil. 

“It’s all about flavour and ingredients,” said Tennant, “pitching the brand as an ingredient in cooking, especially cooking from home.” 

The producer has also launched the salts in gift packs and smaller 75g jars (RRP £3.99) to join the 125g jars (RRP £5.99). “The miniature jars are fun and quirky but are really targeting those impulse buys and are great for hampers in the run up to Christmas,” he said.

Since winning the top prize, Tennant said he has gained invaluable experience and is ready to build on the business’s success. “Now we’re just trying to build up a core following and keep growing the business.”

This story appeared in the December issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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