Posted: 25/10/2018

Slow Food “stands united” with Slow Food in the UK’s condemnation of Brexit

The international grassroots organisation Slow Food has said it stands united with Slow Food in the UK’s condemnation of Brexit and its consequences on the food industry.

Highly-concerned about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the impact this will have on the UK’s food system, Slow Food is calling on the negotiating parties to take these concerns into account.

It is especially worried about small-scale producers that are least equipped to deal with severe disruption.

The global organisation also supports Slow Food in the UK’s call to recognise the positive areas of pan-European cooperation in areas including tariff-free trade, EU support for small producers, and the protection of rare and traditional foods.

“The European Union is a vital focus for Slow Food’s efforts to create a more sustainable, just, and responsible food system that recognises local traditions and cultures,” said Slow Food International Councillor for the EU Marta Messa.

She added that the disruption of this relationship threatened by a no-deal Brexit would also lessen the possibility of shared actions on glyphosates, food waste and GM foods.

“Collaboration between EU member states is key to this,” she said. “So we are alarmed at the prospect of the UK leaving the EU and the severe disruption predicted from a no-deal Brexit in all matters related to food and farming.”

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