Posted: 23/09/2016

Slow Food mobilised on European soil campaign

People 4 SoilSlow Food are helping lead an initiative to protect soils in Europe. People 4 Soil is a network of over 300 organisations including Legambiente, Greenpeace, WWF and Slow Food that want Europe to commit to sustainably managing soil as a priority.

By collecting a million signatures from at least seven European countries the European Commission will have to intervene. The aim is for consistent soil regulations in the EU to address issues such as erosion, soil consumption, hydrogeological instability and contamination from pollutants, which all have a negative impact on human health, food security and climate.

People 4 Soil launch their petition on September 22nd and need to reach their target by September 2017.

Slow Food is present in every EU country and will be mobilised on this campaign for the next year.


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