Posted: 13/10/2017

Soda Folk announces new soft drink for adults

Soda FolkDrinks company Soda Folk has refocused its brand with the launch of five new low sugar adult soft drinks, two years after it entered the market with its American-style craft sodas.

The new range was developed by founder Ken Graham during his wife’s pregnancy when he was looking for alcohol-free alternatives. The five flavours – juniper, grape, orange, black cherry, and apple – are all inspired by classic alcoholic drinks including cider, Prosecco and gin & tonic.

Graham said he tested the new lines at The Bar & Pub Show where the flavours were well received. “People wanted a lower-in-calorie and no-added-sugar drink that still had an adult taste.”

Available in 330ml glass bottles (RRP £2.49 each), the drinks will be pitched at more health-conscious consumers via the retail market as opposed to the “indulgent setting” of restaurants and bars, which already stock its root beer and cream soda.

“The good thing about these drinks is that they have a dry finish,” said Graham. “We use fruit that is naturally low in sugar, so it’s not overly sweet but has a tart edge.”

Soda Folk’s original cream soda and root beer – made from pure cane sugar and Madagascan vanilla extract – were developed in a bid to offer an additive-free alternative to American craft sodas in the UK market, after imports were effectively banned by the Food Standards Agency for excessive additive content.

“We had a good amount of success with the root beer and cream soda,” said Graham. “But the feedback was people wanted a soda that wasn’t just a treat, but something they could drink every day.”

“There is always a place for the traditional treat soda, but I don’t like to see them marketed as a competition for water. It’s
nice to offer a soda that people can drink on a day-to-day basis and without consequence.” 

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