Posted: 21/10/2016

Sourdough made for first time from native Northern Irish wheat

irish sourdough flour
Flour milled from indigenous Northern Irish wheat known as Edgar

A Northern Irish sourdough is being made using flour milled from native wheat.

Generally not suited to baking, flour milled from Northern Irish wheat is high in protein and adversely affected by the damp Irish climate.

However, Mark Douglas, a specialist in traditional Irish breads, has worked with Danish food historian Lady Vibse Dunleath of Ballywalter House to make a sourdough using flour from Myroe, near Derry.

The flour is milled from wheat variety called Edgar, which has been grown on the Myroe farm for more than 100 years by the Kane family.

“Lady Dunleath has come up with a unique milling process that produces flour that’s particularly suitable for baking sourdough bread,” said Mark Douglas. “It’s an artisan bread with the sort of heritage and provenance that shoppers are increasingly seeking.”

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