Posted: 30/08/2016

Speciality & Fine Food Fair sets up sister show in Singapore

SFFF 2015 OlympiaThe Speciality & Fine Food Fair is spreading its wings courtesy of Fresh Montgomery which is launching a similar show in Singapore hard on the heels of this month’s London event.

Speciality & Fine Food Asia, incorporating Speciality Chocolate Fair, will debut next July 18-20.

It will mirror the UK exhibition which attracts more than 850 participants and 12,000 trade attendees, according to Fresh Mongtomery, which has run it for the past 17 years.

Soraya Gadelrab Fresh Montgomery
Soraya Gadelrab: Singapore has sophisticated tastes

Soraya Gadelrab, Fresh Mongomery’s event director, said: “Singapore is a country that’s much easier to launch into than others in South East Asia. It’s sophisticated in its tastes – not just expat Brits but locals, too.”

Potential British exhibitors had already shown interest, and the combination of a weak pound and British ministers’ focus on new trade deals outside the European Union created growth potential, she said.



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