Posted: 18/04/2019

Start-up’s fusion flavours aim to revive cooking sauces

Founder Renad Sheraif started working on her brand and products while studying Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School

A start-up premium spice brand has developed cooking pastes and a hot sauce in fusion flavours with the aim of livening-up the cooking sauce category.

Yugo Spice launched earlier this year with a miso chipotle paste, a curried sun-dried tomato paste, and a chipotle garni hot sauce all in 150ml packaging with a £5.99 RRP. 

The flavours were developed by business school graduate Renad Sheraif who was looking to recreate restaurant-quality sauces in a variety of fusion flavours. 

“I researched the market for two or three years beforehand and found that there were no cooking sauces that combined different cuisines,” Sheraif told FFD. “The vast majority of cooking sauces are mass-market brands that are high in sugar and salt.”

Working with a sauce manufacturer in Reading to produce the products, the brand is looking at the higher end market for stockists including fine food halls and independents. The range is available to retailers directly with a trade price of £3.50 per item (cases of 6×12). 

Sheraif describes her Japanese-Mexican fusion of miso chipotle as “smoky and very citrusy” and was inspired to create the flavour after sampling it at a restaurant. The curried sun-dried tomato variety (an Indian-Mediterranean fusion) was developed after eating a coronation chicken sandwich with sun-dried tomato. 

“Our hot sauce [Chipotle Garni] is a fusion of Mexican and French cuisine,” she added. “The herbs I use are specifically from the south of France and are the same found in a Bouquet Garni which gives the hot sauce some floral aromas.”

This story appeared in the April issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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