Posted: 17/05/2020

Sales of Stilton drop by 30% due to COVID-19 pandemic


Sales of the UK’s most popular blue cheese have fallen by up to 30% due to the coronavirus crisis according to new figures released by the Stilton Cheese Makers Association (SCMA).

The SCMA, which represents the UK’s stilton producers, has urged consumers and retailers to buy Stilton in order to support the industry and plug the gap in sales left by the closure of the country’s hospitality and events industry, farmers markets and lockdown of export markets.

Robin Skailes

Robin Skailes, chairman of the SCMA and director of Cropwell Bishop Creamery, said: “We hope that the British public will support us by buying Stilton instead of imported blue cheeses which, in turn, will support British dairy farmers.”

As previously reported in FFD, the drop in sales of British cheeses is having a knock-on effect on the nation’s dairy farms. According to the SCMA, producers of the PDO cheese use milk from more than 70 farms across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, which are all at risk due to the drop in sales.

In response to the pandemic, cheesemakers are having to reduce the amount of Stilton they are making whilst trying to process all of the milk from the farmers which supply them to avoid wasting it.

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