Without an adequate distribution in the UK this could not achieved. Affineur Walo is proud to collaborate with the Fine Cheese Company. Their maturing cellars in Bath guarantee optimum stocking conditions until the cheese comes to the shops. Walo refrains from vacuum packaging in order to allow the cheese to continue to unfold until the very last. It comes to Bath in big wheels and is freshly cut before distribution.

The rage of products includes traditional AOP products such as Emmentaler Switzerland AOP matured in caves for 16 months, Le Gruyere AOP matured in caves for 14 months, and own creations as Red Nose Gold Label, a hard cheese matured in natural cellars and washed regularly with red wine during 12 months, Red wine Farmer cheese, a semi hard cheese matured with red wine, Swiss Jura mountain cheese matured for 12 months, Stärnächäs, a semi hard cheese produced in the Appenzell region, Gallus, another hard cheese matured for 10 months, and the latest creation Lion cheese, a creamy gentle cheese produced in the Thurgau region.

Affineur Walo products have won uncountable awards during the last decades. On the 2019 World Cheese awards in Nantwich they won 16 prices including 3 Super-Gold.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by The Fine Cheese Company

Trade orders: Robert.bowden@finecheese.co.uk  / 01225 424212