Baronscourt Brewing Co. was established in 2018. It is a family-run farm-based brewery set in the idyllic countryside of Baronscourt in Northern Ireland.

They are passionate about producing high-end hand-crafted artisan beer. A big part of their brewery involves producing top quality beers that pair exceptionally well with food. They feel that a great beer accentuates the flavours of the food it is paired with and thus adds to the overall dining experience.

Their current Range of beers include, The Last Stag Red Ale, Huntsman Wheatbeer, Pheasant’s Hop IPA, Ewe Wild Rover Oat Stout, Black Sheep Stout and Irish Wolf Lager.

Baronscourt Brewing is offering FREE UK delivery when you spend 100£ or more, until the end of August. Please email or ring 07706726173 for more information.