Our world award winning bread comes from the same recipe as our kits and mixes. Two focaccia, that are so good even the Italians can’t tell the difference from their own.

The unique “no knead” blend allows you to make beautiful bread in just three simple steps: mix, rise and bake. So simple, even a child could do it. Seriously!

The pizza bases were developed by our gluten free expert, Davina and our MD: an AVPN pizzaiolo (that’s an Italian pizza chef, to you and me). Together, they created a pizza base that’s just like a gluten pizza and so simple to make at home.

As for the scone mix, that’s another easy bake that would make Mary Berry proud. In the words of Prue Leith, “Definitely worth the calories.”

Our promise: none of our products contain chemical additives or preservatives. They’re made of the best quality natural flours, packed with natural antioxidants and nutrients.

If you need anything more, please mail davina@davinasteel.com

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