As part of our mission to bring you innovative, low guilt indulgences, our team have determinedly carried on throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve been busy releasing new innovations including #BakeOn, new Meringue Bars and Bites flavours and charity Rainbow Pops. Rainbow Pops are that ‘thinking of you’ gift we can send while we’re still unable to hug our loved ones or simply needing to remind people that #weareinthistogether. For every pack sold, 10p will be donated to our customer chosen charity of the month.

We’ve been delighted to support our NHS workers with Meringue Bars as well as donating to Project Wingman – a group of furloughed, grounded, or made redundant airline crew dedicated to serving NHS staff with a ‘first class’ style space to destress between hospital shifts.

All of our products are available in secure retail packs, giving the customer peace of mind with their purchase. While life as we know it has changed, we’re here to help in any way we can.