Stroodles are the famous Pasta Straws saying “Pasta La Vista” to soggy paper and plastic straws. They are 100% biodegradable, 1hr strong, flavourless and edible.

Stroodles are a movement for conscious consumerism, inspiring everyone on how easy it is to make small sustainable changes without compromises.

Stroodles are an opportunity to lead the change and spark interest on shelves through:

  • Bold and eye-catching “self-activating” Design
  • Multiple store placement opportunities (drinks, partyware, checkout, clip strips)
  • Wide customer appeal across ages
  • Satisfying growing customer demand for sustainable straw options
  • Ability for pairings with drinks, hampers, etc.

Stroodles are available in packs of 40 with an RRP of £2.99 (Vat exempt). Offered in an eye-catching SRP, holding 6 x 40 Packs, one case consists of 6 SRPs, ie. 36 units.

Stroodles are on offer with a 10% off your first order, by quoting GFF10

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