Posted: 28/10/2020

‘Support your deli or farm shop to support your local pound’

'Support your deli or farm shop to support your local pound

Here at Guild HQ it’s still Great Taste results time. Yes, results day was Monday 21st September, but the PR machine, digital logo and printed label supply continues with gusto as successful makers crow harder than ever about their awards. 

The collective noise is more important this year for the obvious reasons. We’ve had no trade or consumer shows to generate much-needed revenue and unearth something new. And that’s what I’ve really missed this year. Discovery. 

Yes, there are a smattering of virtual meet-the-buyer events doing a good job but we’re missing scale. The scale of producers under one roof and buyers from across the planet that drives trade, especially in this all-important last quarter. 

The lack of real-life initiatives includes our Great Taste Deli at Olympia where we ordinarily create retail theatre. You feel enriched talking to successful producers and their knowledge and pride is often an education. You’ll have to spend some time to do your own talent spotting this year in the virtual world here.

We continue to lobby government on your behalf and we’re about to reinforce the importance of the next 10 weeks or so for our trade. A collective of food groups under the banner of Food from England (but the message applies far wider) will be spreading the sentiment to the consumer via press and political activity.

It reinforces the ‘local is for life’ message. I will leave you with an excerpt from an open letter the organisation is sending out in the next few weeks and ask you to share that sentiment to your customers, friends and family. 

“By supporting your local deli, farm shop, butcher, cheese shop and community & village store, you support your regional producers and your local pound.

“You’ll reduce the globalisation of food, you’ll discover seasonality, and you’ll realise new flavours, quality, and the personality of the maker in what you eat.

“We urge you to reflect on this in the run-up to Christmas, a critical trading period for all involved in food and drink.” 

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