Posted: 14/11/2017

Swoon creates cheese gelato for WCA’s 30th anniversary

SwoonArtisan gelato maker Swoon has produced two new limited-edition savoury gelati to mark the World Cheese Awards’ 30th anniversary.

The new cheese gelatos were created by the company’s head chef Luisa Fontana who took inspiration from previous winners from the south west – Montgomery’s Mature Cheddar and Bath Blue.

A 2014 winner, Bath Blue creates a “moreish blue cheese gelato” which has a creamy texture, salty bite and speckles of 8-10 week ripened blue veining throughout.

Montgomery’s Mature Cheddar was awarded the Super Gold title in 2016 and is said to bring a “deep, rich and nutty flavour” to the Cheddar cheese gelato.

“To develop these two recipes, I had to get to grips with the makeup of each cheese, understanding its texture, fat content and salt levels, in order to balance this with the gelato base, but the result has made it all worthwhile,” said Fontana.

As well as being available in the Bath and Bristol bars, Swoon will also be serving the new gelati at the World Cheese Awards celebrations on Friday 17 November at Tobacco Dock in London.

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