They come for the Wright’s stuff

After cutting down its opening hours and its menu, Wright’s Food Emporium still continues to draw customers to its very rural spot in Carmarthenshire. It’s a testament to its owners’ resolute local focus, industry nous, and one very special sandwich

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Deli of the month: By the people, for the people

“It’s community. You can’t buy it. You can’t knit it,” says Andrew Mason, a member of the management committee at Church Fenton Community Shop, near Wetherby in Yorkshire.  “It’s the endorphins of the place, people like coming, they love the ethos.”  We’re sat in front of a floral print covered table at the rear of … Read more

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Baking in success

The smell of fresh bread wafts down Eton High Street, drawing in scholars and passers-by in droves – and keeping them there to browse the carefully curated selection of products populating the shelves. Since it opened in 2006, Tastes Delicatessen has been a successful business selling mostly British produce to loyal locals. But two years … Read more

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Deli of the month: On the road to success

Perched in a prime location on the A303, Teals is one of Somerset’s newer farm shops but this operation is far from traditional. Serving both weary drivers and locals alike, its proposition is simple but executed with modern values and style.

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Deli of the month: It takes two

In the space of three years, Ben Clark and Ella Smart have turned a pair of run-down barns on an East Anglian A-road into a bustling foodie destination. Here’s how they went from working in the fine-dining world to running a busy farm shop, gift shop and bakery. It’s the hottest weekend of the year … Read more

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